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Do you want to add some punch to your lunch

Bored with the same old sandwich? Think outside the lunch box! Reinvent dinner leftovers.
Packing lunch is a healthy and budget-friendly habit. Keep it interesting! Reinvent tonight’s leftovers into tomorrow’s lunch with these three tasty ideas:

1.    Leftover chicken or turkey + avocado + cheese + baby kale + tortilla = scrumptious southwestern wrap

2.    Leftover barley, rice or quinoa + diced tomatoes + black beans + red onion + lime juice + hot sauce = yummy vegetarian lunch bowl

3.    Leftover roasted vegetables + feta cheese + lentils + a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar = savoury dish that’s tasty hot or cold

Give your lunch bag a one-two punch! Perk up your packed lunch with four tasty energizing options.
You’ll love these quick, simple and tasty make-and-take lunches:

1.    Layer black bean dip, avocado and peppery arugula on a rustic whole-grain baguette for a simple sandwich with big flavor.

2.    Pack hard-boiled eggs, cheese, fresh veggies, a few olives and whole-grain crackers for a super snack-like lunch.

3.    Mix lentils, roasted sweet potato and red peppers, quinoa and a drizzle of lemony dressing for a protein-packed salad bowl.

4.    Toss light tuna, snow peas and grape tomatoes with leftover whole grain pasta, basil-filled pesto and a pinch of chili flakes – this dish is great cold or heated.

No time to pack lunch? Navigate the food court or cafeteria with dietitian-approved tips.
I spy with my little eye something that is healthier:

·         Want salad satisfaction? Choose dark leafy greens, colourful veggies, protein-packed legumes (beans, peas and lentils) and whole grains such as barley or quinoa. Drizzle dressing lightly.

·         Love pizza? Get a thin whole grain crust, load on the veggie toppings, stick to a single layer of cheese and steer clear of salty, high-fat meats.

·         Craving a sandwich?  Choose whole grain bread. Double-up on veggies. Skip deli meats – go grilled instead. Get spreads on the side and use just a little.

·         Satisfied by stir-fries? Ask for extra veggies and less sauce with your chicken, tofu or shrimp stir-fry. Choose brown rice instead of white.

Lunching at work? Think outside the cubicle. Start a healthy lunch club.
Want a healthy homemade lunch at work but don’t have time to make it? Form a lunch club with co-workers and take turns making and bringing a nutritious lunch.
Keep it simple with a salad soup or sandwich club. You could also have fun with weekly themes, like cuisine from different cultures or dishes with specific nutrient-rich ingredients, such as legumes, cheese, barley or colourful vegetables.
Whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly, a workplace lunch club lets you enjoy a healthy homemade lunch and share good eating habits with your colleagues.


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